Tapsy was founded with one primary mission.. to bring "anytime, anywhere" joy & fun to millions of people around the world.

We believe in not only creating amazing single player experiences but to expand the boundaries of 'social' and multi-player gaming as most currently know it. Advancements in network technology combined with break-through 'smartphone' and tablet hardware is creating a powerful evolution of video games. Tapsy plans on being a major contributor to this new generation of gaming.

We're focused on developing exciting game titles for Apple's iOS platform. We stood in line for hours when the first iPhone was released, and we typically 'rush' to the Apple Store for every new hardware release - whether it's the iPhone, iPods, iPad, or MacBook Air. We love Apple products and we're dedicated to creating top-notch, high quality games for iOS. We see amazing potential with Apple's break-through hardware.

Contact us at contact@tapsy.com.