We‘re passionate about creating fun mobile games that you can play anywhere. Whether you need some enjoyment while you‘re waiting for the bus, riding on the train, waiting at the dentist's office, or anywhere else you may find yourself, we‘re here to help!

We have many exciting games in development, from simple puzzle games to advanced multi-player strategy games. Stay tuned to our blog for all the news on upcoming releases.

Our Games

Rotate Rush

Derby Quest

The Ultimate Horse Breeding, Training, and Racing Game! Grow your stable with many horses and train them to become Derby Champions. Breed your champion race horses to create 'super baby' horses that become even faster! Derby Quest is an amazing horse care-taking and racing simulation game. It's a game full of strategy and arcade action.

Rotate Rush

Rotate Rush

Can you handle the pressure? This fun and ADDICTING game will have you glued to your device for hours. A little game of rotating shapes to fit through an oncoming object seems simple but as the game speeds up, and with tons of timer-based bonuses on the line, it might make you crazy!

Rotate Rush is a fun game for people of all ages. It takes a simple "puzzle piece" concept and adds several twists to make it an exciting, fast-paced game that anyone can enjoy, anytime, anywhere. Try it today and see for yourself.

Download and install this great little game today for hours of enjoyment!



It's like the classic snake game but with a fun TWIST! Ability to DIG adds a whole new dimension! Can you beat 100,000 points?

Squirmy is a cute little worm but you'll quickly discover that this game gets more challenging the more you play it! Fun game mechanics allow you to dig under the ground to uncover hidden truffles for big points!

Some Of This Fun Free Game's Features:

  • Addictive Game Play
  • Beautiful Graphics
  • Multiple Levels Test Your Skills!
  • A 'Secret' Level For You To Unlock
  • Cute Music & Sound Effects
  • And Much, Much More!